GAKE’s chic urban space will surely make your dining experience extra satisfying. The big 60-seater space looks cosy and elegant with the mix of grey and black hues and natural wood details. Our customers love the overall rustic and cosy atmosphere of the restaurant.


Seasonality and simplicity are central to our philosophy at Gake. We’re passionate about cooking with rare, seasonal ingredients and love how they can inspire new dishes. When creating the GAKE concept, Chow was focused on keeping things simple to achieve excellence. Dishes on the menu are created with one main component and enhanced with a maximum of three other elements. Diners can expect explosions of flavour as the two cultures meet on their plates.


Angus Chow is a multi-award winning culinary professional based in Singapore. 36-year-old Chow’s resume is impressive: he cut his teeth at the At-Sunrise GlobalChef Academy, where he received his Diploma of Culinary Arts, Culinary Arts/Chef Training. Since that time, Chow’s innovative menu design and culinary expertise has enhanced some of Singapore’s most revered restaurants.


Sophisticated and daring dishes are aesthetically plated in GAKE’s high-energy, urban-chic environment. Chow’s extensive knowledge, perfected techniques and 15-plus years creating modern Japanese and European cuisine have been invaluable in successfully launching the restaurant.

Chow was named Chef of the Year at the 18th World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence for his exceptional work as Head Chef.


“I’m so pleased to share GAKE with curious, discerning diners. GAKE’s menu is built on a belief that a dish doesn’t have to be complicated to be superb. In both Europe and Asia, dishes can be unbelievably simple but the quality and freshness of the produce combined with the power of the flavours are what brings it to the next level,” Chef Angus said. See our menu.